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In this new millennium year, Technology would be an importance issue to the forwarders world. A fast, reliable and efficient movement of cargo to all over the world would depend highly on high technology to support all operation in the field and administration process.It would also make thing much easier such as for the exchanging documentation from one country to the other. With high technology, all process of forwarding goods from the very beginning to the end simultaneously. Every step of movement of the cargo could be monitor thoroughly.


Looking at these opportunities to encounter all possibilities that will arise, starting from picking up to delivering the cargo on time and safely to the final destination. A highly professionalism freight forwarding equip with high technology should step in.

Base on the knowledge, experience and fully equip with this high technology, PT. Indo Prostime Transport founded on September 1989 in Jakarta, confidence to enter this new Millennium year without any doubt at all.


Starting from a medium size company, we have gains much appreciation from all ours partner. Just in a few years time PT. Indo Prostime Transport grew from a medium size to recognize international Freight Forwarding and Custom Brokerage. All of this success is because of our strong commitment to fulfill the need of our partners. And we are willing to go beyond your expectation and even to customize solution that meets to your need.


At PT. Indo Prostime Transport, client satisfaction is our main purpose. We do it by understanding your business needs, we went to learn about your vendors, customers, manufacturing and distribution. We will relentless pursue any knowledge that will help us become, in effect, an extension of your company


Our mission in the future is to set the standard for excellence in International Transportation through total commitment to quality in people and service, with superior financial results.


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